670(W) x 867(D) x 1860(H) mm
333 liters (11.8 cu.ft.)
Cooling Performance: -86℃
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향상된 에너지 소비율의 초저온 냉동고

Evolutionary design
    • Panasonic V.I.P. Series -86˚C ultra-low temperature freezers use patented revolutionary vacuum insulation cabinet construction that reduces the wall thickness from 14cm to 7cm (5.5” to 2.7”) and achieves up to 30% more storage capacity than conventionally insulated freezers, without increasing its footprint.
    • The newly developed refrigeration system and the freezer structure offer a quiet experimental environment.
    • Achieves 12% higher energy conservation than previous model. (115V, 60Hz)
    • The rear ventilation cover combines with the aerodynamically designed and positioned components in the refrigeration compartment to provide superior air flow, drastically reducing the load on the freezer and contributing to improved durability.
  • Two independent and insulated inner doors with gaskets prevent cold air leakage.


Status Alert : Unconventional operation can cause malfunctions. Function control monitor notifies the unconventional operation to prevent the problems and helps the safe operation.
It always monitors the operation, and the flash lamp notifies the drops in the voltage, an abnormality of the temperature rise when the ambient temp is over 35˚C, lower than approximately 0˚C,and overload operation. It also notifies the time of battery replacement, and the door status.
The status of these alarms and indicators will be shown on the control panel.
*Pressing the Status key will display the status alert condition reference number.

  • A beak style inner door latch tightly closes the inner door against the freezer frame. It also helps make opening and closing the door smoother.
  • The condenser filter is situated at the bottom right side of the front panel to make filter removal and cleaning easier.

Inner doro latch

Clip-on grill slide type filter

The condenser filter is situated at the bottom right corner of the front panel to allow easier removal and cleaning.

  • Alarm lamp and buzzer offer secure warning of power failure or abnormal temperature increase.
  • High and low temperature warning provides an audible and visual alarm when the temperature deviates more than ±5˚C to ±20˚C (adjustable) from the set point.
  • Alarm ring-back function ensures that buzzer will resume operation, should alarm conditions continue after it is silenced.
  • Microprocessor-controlled filter-clog check function protects the refrigeration circuit.
  • Control panel with digital display for easy operation.
Door latch

The rugged, one-handed outer door latch has a hole to allow a padlock to securely protect valuable samples.

  • Maximised capacity with VIP technology
  • Safe operation with status alert condition monitoring
  • Enhanced security
  • Energy saving


External Dimensions670 x 867 x 1860 (mm) / 26.4 x 34.1 x 73.2 (inch)
Internal Dimensions490 x 600 x 1140 (mm) / 19.3 x 23.6 x 44.9 (inch)
Effective Capacity333 liters (11.8 cu.ft.)
ShelvesStainless steel, 3 shelves
Access Ports17 mm diameter, 3 locations (back, bottom left / right corner)
Net WeightApprox. 255 kg (562 lbs.)
CompressorHermetic type 450W (high stage side), Hermetic type 750 W (low stage side)
Temperature Control Range– 50 °C to – 86 °C (in 1 °C increments)
AlarmsHigh / low temperature, Power failure, Filter check, Self diagnostics, Door check,Part replacement notification, Remote alarm contact ( Allowable contact capacity: DC 30 V, 2 A)
Accessories1 set of keys, 1 scraper

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